Banat Swabians on the Move. Reconceptualising the History of a German-speaking Minority from East Central Europe in the Twentieth Century


  • Jan Philipp Wilhelm Universität Leipzig



This paper argues for a reconceptualisation of the twentieth century history of Banat Swabians - a German-speaking minority from East Central Europe - within the conceptual framework of migration studies. In particular, it examines the exemplary case of an inhabitant of the Banat village Sackelhausen/Săcălaz and members of her family. By identifying and analysing the major patterns of the movements of Banat Swabians in global perspective, this paper intends to show not only that the movements of Banat Swabians mirrored almost every significant trend in European migration history, but also the possible contributions that the study of this particular group's migration history can offer for a better understanding of European migrations in the twentieth century in general. The ultimate aim of such an approach is to devise a starting point and structural basis for future research on the topic.

Author Biography

Jan Philipp Wilhelm, Universität Leipzig

Master student in Global Studies at the Global and European Studies Institute, Leipzig.