Review: Empires: Towards a Global History, University of Delhi, December 2017


  • TCA Achintya Department of History, University of Delhi, India



Conference Review:
Empires—Towards a Global History
Conference at the University of Delhi, December 2017

Author Biography

TCA Achintya, Department of History, University of Delhi, India

TCA Achintya is pursuing a M.Phil. at the Department of History at the University of Delhi. He obtained his B.A. with Honours and M.A. in History from the same institution. Focusing on Modern Indian History, his research looks at the inter-connected political history of Britain and India in the 19th century, using the prism of legislation on India and parliamentary politics. His work also seeks to contextualize these historical patterns within global historical trends. His other interests include a fascination with mythology and ancient history, not just that of India, but of many other ancient faith systems and cultures, such as Rome and Persia. He also engages with issues of modern laws and their application in both contemporary and historical contexts.