Journal Sponsorship


Founded in 2015 by students of the MA program ‘Global History’ at the Freie Universität and the Humboldt Univeristät in Berlin, the 'Global Histories' journal is a Berlin based bi-annual journal published in association with the Freie Universität Berlin.

The initiative to establish a student-led publication platform developed out of the idea of publishing selected papers presented at the first annual Global History Student Conference, which was held in Berlin in April 2015. In order to guarantee global and free access to its contents, we have chosen to publish 'Global Histories: A Student Journal' in digital form and within an open access framework. In addition to academic papers and book reviews, the journal aims to include a range of other formats, such as interviews, features on archives, research networks, study programs and curricula etc., as well as media content.

While editorial content will be published in English, article submissions in French, Spanish and German are also welcome.

Sources of Support

This journal project is realized with generous support from Free University Berlin, specifically from the Global History Section of the Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, the OJS e-publishing project at CEDIS, and the ZEDAT hostmaster team.